It is a collective of like-minded individuals who combine their expertise to deal with the management of pain. It is a family of different kinds of medical professionals, including therapists, doctors, surgeons, and dieticians who believe that the treatment of pain is paramount in our country.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has recently listed pain as the number one disease in the world – and that is because a lot of the pathology that we face in terms of heart problems and joint problems can end up in pain. There is a lot of focus on treating pain in a purely surgical manner – without understanding that the condition is attached to a human being. If you only treat the shoulder, or the knee, or the back, you are only doing half the job.

As a collective we have an interdisciplinary team following a holistic approach towards pain that introduces the concept of self-care and medical intervention, which, for the greater part, includes no surgery at all.


The kissing N’s that run in perfect symmetry demonstrates the synergy between the nature of our genetics and the nurturing of healthcare and self-care. Running through the core is a DNA helix that supports a neuron, the messenger of the body’s pain system.

Our logo demonstrates our commitment towards improving both epigenetic expression and education of  persons who have conditions that result in pain. We partner with our patients in their health care journey, each addressing their responsibility in fighting disease together.