Chronic pain is pain that has been present for longer than 3 months, causes significant emotional distress and interferes with daily life and activities.​

Pain can be a symptom of an underlying injury or disease, or it can be a disease on its own. It is unpleasant, interrupts your life and makes you seek help. It is deeply personal and always real.​

Chronic pain is multifactorial, meaning that there are contributions from the body tissues, psychological components, occupational, spiritual and social factors that combine to form your unique pain experience. ​

The first step to treating your pain is working out why you have pain - what is causing it (getting a diagnosis) and what factors might be contributing. The next step is exploring what treatments might work?​

Treating pain effectively is about managing the entire person – understanding how your genetics, life experiences, physical and emotional capacity, your environment and what you do every day, impacts on your pain. ​