It is a collective of like-minded individuals who combine their expertise to deal with the management of pain. It is a family of different kinds of medical professionals, including therapists, doctors, surgeons, and dieticians who believe that the treatment of pain is paramount in our country.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has recently listed pain as the number one disease in the world – and that is because a lot of the pathology that we face in terms of heart problems and joint problems can end up in pain. There is a lot of focus on treating pain in a purely surgical manner – without understanding that the condition is attached to a human being. If you only treat the shoulder, or the knee, or the back, you are only doing half the job.

As a collective we have an interdisciplinary team following a holistic approach towards pain that introduces the concept of self-care and medical intervention, which, for the greater part, includes no surgery at all.


The kissing N’s that run in perfect symmetry demonstrates the synergy between the nature of our genetics and the nurturing of healthcare and self-care. Running through the core is a DNA helix that supports a neuron, the messenger of the body’s pain system.

Our logo demonstrates our commitment towards improving both epigenetic expression and education of  persons who have conditions that result in pain. We partner with our patients in their health care journey, each addressing their responsibility in fighting disease together.

Google Reviews

Dr Liebenberg is a highly experienced and knowledgeable medical professional. After my decades long history of spinal and other surgery, he gave me a “behind the scenes” look into the shortcomings of most commonly used medical diagnostic tools, often leading to unnecessary and inappropriate surgery. The diagnostic first step of self-management through natural products, diet, exercise and both physiotherapy and occupational therapy was recommended together with further information on the website. Further non- or minimally invasive alternative pain management with advantages and shortcomings was also discussed. A refreshing, realistic, caring and excellent consultation.
Walther Schwellnus (Pain Garden Route)

Dr Karriem was extremely thorough during my initial consultation. There was no pressure on me to proceed with any surgery, but I felt I was in good hands and trusted her with my procedure, so I went ahead. It’s been 12 weeks since my procedure, and my pain is at a totally manageable state for me to carry on with my daily life. If I have managed to avoid or even just postpone neck surgery, it has been an extremely worthwhile investment.
Kyle Kahn (Pain Foreshore)

My husband referred me to Dr Nadah Karriem, the pain doctor. My first session with her in February this year was excellent and informative, and she also makes you feel very comfortable and relaxed. Her secretary is also very friendly and helpful. I had lots of pain in my shoulders, headaches and pain in my left elbow. I had an RFR and so far, I’m very happy – Alhamdulillah shukr to Allah. The staff at the hospital is very friendly. I like that, making you feel calm and at home. I had my first session with the OT, Claire James. It was very good, she's so easy to talk to. You feel very relaxed, and she is very informative about your lifestyle. I really enjoyed it. 
Amiena Solari (Pain Rylands)

Dr Greyling is a very professional and thorough doctor who walks the extra mile. She takes time to listen and doesn’t make you feel like you are just another patient. She follows up, phoning even after hours sometimes to hear how you are doing. They use a holistic approach in healing and treatment. I am thankful to walk this journey with her and the team.
Chantelle Bruton (Pain Breedevalley)

Pain clinic and Dr Karriem has made a huge difference in my life and adding value to every consultation. The care and treatment are 200% recommended. The facilities and staff are amazing and make the pain less painful.
Marwaan Brown (Pain Rylands)

I can only echo and underline what the other patients have said. What an incredible group of people around Dr Greyling. From herself to admin to PA to theatre professionals. Lovely people. They take care of all admin relating to hospital admissions, authorisations, etc. We have not found the root of my pain, but not for lack of trying. Knowledgeable, relatable, friendly, caring and affordable professionals with whom you can go on a journey of healing – always hopeful, not fearful of your medical expenses.
Anita Jordaan (Pain Whale Coast)

All I can say is wow, what an amazing experience I have had over the past months. The ladies at reception are so warm and welcoming. Chat here and there to make you feel part of the family they have created. Dr Karriem is so kind-hearted and really connects with her patients. She gives all options available and really takes the time to know her patients. Ladies, you have truly impacted my life with your beautiful smiles, and caring hearts. I have already recommended you to many people I know, and I will continue to do so, as you really put your patients first. Thank you for all that you have done for me thus far. Candice Bauer (Pain Panorama)

I am so impressed with the results of my pain procedure. 6 weeks after the procedure and I am almost pain-free. After the procedure, it normally takes 6–12 weeks to be really effective, and I have already had very good results after only 6 weeks. Thank you so much, Dr Taljaard. I will certainly recommend you.
Priscilla Evert (Pain Durbanville)

Dr Karriem was fantastic. She explained everything meticulously and made me feel completely relaxed. The day clinic was also highly professional. Every detail was taken care of. Admin staff were so professional, it made it an effortless experience. As well as the follow-up care in the rooms post procedure. I’m feeling huge relief, and I’m very happy I took care of my back.
Francesca De Chaud (Pain Deep South)

I was referred by many doctors I had seen to contact the Pain clinic at Panorama. I was always hesitant, but once I got to a point of no return regarding my pain, I made the appointment… and since then, I have had amazing progress. It was the best decision I have ever made. From the calming atmosphere and the amazing ladies at reception, who are always smiling and know me by name (it took one visit) to knowing you are going to leave with answers and feeling better is appreciated more than I can express. I’ll be back soon about the doctors, as they deserve their own 5 stars!
Robyn Fortune (Pain Panorama)

I had my first treatment at the clinic in 2022 and had virtually no pain and discomfort for the first 2 years, following the advice that was given by Dr Liebenberg and his team. I recently received treatment from Dr Karriem, and I already feel an improvement and will continue with my recovery as time goes along. A really great team, offering excellent communication and service.
Eben Jaftha (Pain Panorama)

I was referred to the Pain clinic to help me with my chronic pain, and so far, it has been a very good experience. The staff is very welcoming, and the treatments offered seem to really have a positive impact. Very professional approach with lots of great results for patients.
Sandra Middleton (Pain Foreshore)

Professionally run practice with excellent support. Dr Taljaard reduced my pain using a variety of methods, and I’m able to live a normal life again. I would confidently recommend the Pain clinic as a service provider.
Francois van Jaarsveld (Pain Durbanville)

The Pain clinic has been a great support for me during my struggle with rheumatoid arthritis. The receptionist is always open and helpful, and the waiting rooms give off a calm ambience. Dr Karriem is the humblest and gentlest soul and is brilliant in her field of work.
Aadila Ahmed (Pain Rylands)

(Translated by Google) Good day. Many thanks to ‘Pain Nurturing Nature[1] ’ for the great service rendered to me. I appreciate it sincerely. Keep up your friendly and helpful service. God bless you richly. May you only grow from strength to strength! (Original) Goeie dag Baie Dankie aan Pain Nurturing Nature vir Jul Puik Diens gelewer aan my. Waardeer dit opreg. Hou so aan met Jul vriendelik en hulpwaardige diens. God seen julle Ryklik. Mag julle net groei van krag tot krag.
Danielle Mans (Pain Breede Valley)

Hi, my journey with Pain Breede Valley started three years ago. The pain in my arm was the reason I went to my GP. She referred me to Dr Greyling. After all the tests were done, I was told that it was actually referred pain from my back. I received my procedure and never looked back again. Dr Greyling was professional, kind, understanding and efficient. I now refer people with similar back problems to her. They also now speak highly about her professionalism, kindness, caring and efficiency. Thank you, Pain Breede Valley, you are the best. Blessings.
Esther Jordaan (Pain Breede Valley)

Friendly, efficient, caring, yet professional. That’s been my experience at the Pain Collective in Worcester. Dr Van Heerden takes time to listen to his patients. And the ambience and delicious coffee is an added bonus!
Sylvia Botha (Pain Breede Valley)

It was a blessing for me to be referred to the Pain clinic some years ago. To date, I still experience professional, best-quality yet warm consultations. Linda, you are outstanding. The receptionists are friendly and very helpful. I am truly thankful for the better-quality life the clinic has helped me achieve thus far. You are all appreciated.
Mokolo Mojela (Pain Panorama)

(Translated by Google) I have been receiving treatment at the Pain clinic in Worcester since 2022 and can recommend it. Dr Greyling is very competent, and it is a pleasure to go to her. (Original) Ek kry behandeling by die Pyn Kliniek Worcester sedert 2022 en kan dit aanbeveel. Dr Greyling is baie bekwaam en dit is n plesier om na haar te gaan.
Vida Mitchell (Pain Breede Valley)

Dr Karriem and Marlene are an awesome team. From making me feel welcome to giving me sound medical advice. Thank you for making a difference to my pain management.
Audrey Lodewyk (Pain Rylands)

I was scheduled for a medical procedure (rhizotomy) on Thursday 15 February by Dr Karriem. The reception at the practice in Cape Town was overwhelming. I immediately felt at home upon arrival due to the manner in which the receptionist welcomed me at the practice. I felt part of the family. The interaction with the doctor was phenomenal. She explained in detail what the procedure entailed. I never felt like a patient. Seeing Doctor Karriem in theatre before the procedure started, simply brought about a calmness knowing that I was in good hands. I recommend to anyone to make this group of professionals your preferred team of choice.
Joseph Swartbooi (Pain Foreshore)