• The Role of Medication in Chronic Pain Management

    Living with chronic pain can be a daily struggle, impacting not only physical well-being but also overall quality of life. Medications play a crucial role in the comprehensive management of chronic pain, offering relief and improved functionality

  • What you need to know about nerve damage

    Your nervous system is made up of the central part, the brain and the spinal cord and the peripheral part, the progressively smaller nerves that spread from your spinal cord over and into your body like tiny rivers with many branches. 

  • Surgical Interventions in Chronic Pain Management

    While surgery is generally considered a last resort in chronic pain management, there are specific instances where surgery
    should be considered.


Smoking and Chronic Pain

Despite increasing health campaigns to create awareness of the dangers of smoking, it is still widely practised, with the World Health Organization estimating that more than eight million people will die each year from smoking-related illnesses and diseases.


Genetics and Arthritis, is there a link?

As a pain practitioner I always wait for that moment in the consultation when I would ask the question: “Do you have any family members that struggle with arthritis or struggle with neck and back pain?” The stories then start pouring out. The question always remains: Is arthritis inheritable? 


Fitness guide for people living with chronic pain

Living with chronic pain can be a challenging experience that can affect every aspect of a person's life. People with chronic pain often struggle to maintain an active lifestyle, which can lead to physical deconditioning, weight gain, and other health problems.


What does a pain management Doctor do? 

A pain management doctor has specific training to help you if you are living with chronic pain. Chronic pain is pain that lasts for more than three months. 

The doctor will find the cause of the pain, and act as the leader of a team of medical professionals, who will work together with you to help manage your pain.  

  • Embracing the Renewal of Spring, Managing Chronic Pain with Hope and Resilience

    As the world awakens from its winter slumber, spring brings with it a sense of renewal, growth, and transformation.

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  • Unravelling the truth – dispellingmisconceptions about pain patterns

    Pain is multifaceted and a
    personal experience that is different for everyone.

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  • Why Spinal Surgery Isn't Always the Solution for Back Pain

    There are several reasons why spinal surgery may not cure back pain. Here are some of
    the most common ones:

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The Advantages of Aesthetic Services and Pain Management

Aesthetic services and pain management are two distinct areas of healthcare that, when combined, can greatly benefit patients.

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8 Non-Pharmacological Ways to Manage Pain and Improve Quality of Life

Pain is a common experience that can affect people in various ways. From physical injuries to chronic conditions, pain can be a debilitating force that impacts a person's daily life.

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