Chronic pain is a silent pandemic that affects 1 in 5 people. It often drains the colour out of life and prevents you from living your best life. It is subjective and a deeply personal experience. 

My focus when treating chronic pain is to not only treat your symptoms, but your individual suffering too. To do this, I use a holistic, inter-disciplinary team-based approach with you, my patient, at the core. On this journey I pledge to provide continuous support, foster realistic expectations and ultimately impart enough knowledge to empower you to self-manage your pain. My ultimate goal is to return the colour and meaning to your life.

  • "Anodyne Pain Clinic is the best thing that happened to me."

    Irene Lane
  • "I feel good and enjoyed working with Dr Karriem - she was very helpful.  I like how the clinic was private and there was no risk or scare of Covid."

    Erica Gelderbloem
  • "Waking up with no pain was magical."

    Patricia McClurg
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Hear more about why Dr Karriem chose to work in pain management and why she loves assisting patients who struggle with chronic pain.