Doctor Ipeleng Matshitse is a graduate of the Medical University of South Africa (MEDUNSA), he obtained his MBChB in 2003. He worked in both public and private institutions as a clinician and healthcare manager.

Later completed his FCS Neurosurgery with the College Medicine of South Africa (CMSA) in 2018 and graduated with an MMED from the University of Pretoria in 2019. 

He worked as a consultant specialist in public hospital with interest in neuro-trauma and neurovascular pathologies. These ailments were often acute, debilitating and threatening the life of the sufferer.

Dr Ipeleng Matshitse started his private practice in 2022 and quickly realised that the landscape of pathology is somewhat varied with more chronic ailments that do not threaten life, instead alter quality of life. Back and neck pain makes most of a typical private neurosurgery practice, and it is prudent for a clinician to have more than just a knife in his armamentarium. His curiosity for alternative solutions to surgery led to his association with Pain Collective.

He is an active member of The Society of Neurosurgeons of South Africa and a Fellow of CMSA. Where indicated and appropriate, surgical treatment will be recommended and/or offered. However, the philosophy of conservative care is paramount and emphasised.

He embraces the patient autonomy and promotes measure that averts or delay the need for invasive surgical treatment. This is the cornerstone of Pain collective, and he forms part of a multi-disciplinary team that shares the same values and places the focus on the patient and desirable outcomes.

Ipeleng hails from Northwest, lives in the outskirts of Johannesburg and raises three souls with his wife, Naledi. Both enjoy food, nature, travel, and a bit of cycling, hiking and imbibe fermented varietals of grapes.